• Always start with a clean vase. Make sure the vase was washed or bleached. Many People just dump water out and all the bacteria water dries inside.
  • Change water daily. Weather you think it needs it or not. No one likes to drink dirty water.
  • No need to put anything in water. Just clean water.
  • Cut fresh flowers on an angle. It creates a larger opening for flowers to drink through. It's always nice to give a fresh cut when changing water.
  • Tips for guys!! (listen up)
  • Flowers on a Thursday or a Friday is a great insurance plan to start the weekend. 
  • Flowers on a Monday means something didn't go so well....just a thought!
  • Find out her favorite flowers and colors.... women like to know you are paying  attention .... thoughtfulness counts!
  • And my Favorite.... A flower or flowers for no reason is the best reason of all ♡.